Dr Johann Rauch :

Dr Johann Rauch

Dr. Rauch (partner) graduated in 2005 and got married to Maureen, shortly after in 2006. He has 2 sons, Adrean & Anrich.  Johann’s pet family consists of 3 Dachshunds, a Golden Retriever, a Shepherd cross and a ginger cat who all manage to live together in harmony.

He enjoys the responsibility of managing the practice together with doing all the house visits.

Dr Janson Martin :

Dr Janson Martin

Dr. Martin (partner) graduated in 1991 from the University of Massey in New Zealand. Janson got married in 1994 to Belinda and they have one daughter, Mikaela.  They live on a plot with a menagerie of dogs, cats and horses.

He has a keen interest in Surgery & post operative pain management using acupuncture.

Dr Michael Hough :

Dr Michael Hough

Dr. Hough (partner) graduated in 2008. His wife’s name is Ronel and they have one boy, Mihan.  They currently live in Meyerton with a home filled with 3 cats, 5 dogs & 4 parrots.

MJ enjoys internal medicine and small mammals such as rabbits and hamsters.

Dr Shaun Currie :

Dr Shaun Currie

Dr. Currie is the newest member of our family. Shaun graduated in 2011 and is married to Samantha, a specialist veterinary pathologist. They share their home with 4 Jack Russels.

He shares the responsibility with Dr. Martin for the majority of our surgical cases.


Sr. Forbes :

Sr. Forbes

Sr. Forbes, graduated from Onderstepoort in 2019. Currently living in Germiston with 4 rescues. Her main responsibilities are assisting the doctors with treatments and giving your furry four legged family members the TLC they need while they are away from home.


Weekday receptionists :

Weekday receptionists

Tessa and Cheryl are responsible for the reception duties Mondays to Fridays. They have been working together at the practice since 2008. They are very capable in helping our clients with any advice on veterinary products and nutrition.

Kennel Assistants

We have 8 kennel assistants, some of which have been with the practice for more than 3 decades. They all love working with animals and ensures that every patient that stays with us has a clean kennel with fresh food and water daily. They also ensure that our hospital is neat & hygienically clean.