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The Glens Veterinary Hospital is situated in Glenvista in the hub of Johannesburg’s southern suburbs. We are your Veterinary practice of choice for all aspect of general practice encompassing your pet’s vaccinations all the way to more complex medical & surgical procedures. The Professional staff at The Glens Veterinary Hospital comprise of 4 empathetic veterinarians whom are ably assisted by friendly & compassionate receptionists & kennel assistants.

Our team combines to provide you & your pet with a comprehensive & modern veterinary experience. As our practice motto states, “We are dedicated to the welfare of your pet”.

Please feel free to contact us at The Glens Veterinary Hospital regarding any aspect pertaining to the health and welfare of your beloved family pet. We will always take the time to help you with any queries & to discuss your pet’s diagnosis & treatment plan with you.

We look forward to seeing you and your furry companions.

About us

The Glens Veterinary Hospital was founded approximately 20 years ago and has been capably serving the community of Glenvista and Johannesburg Southern Suburbs for many years. In April 2008 The Glens Veterinary Hospital was purchased by the Dr Janson Martin. Dr Johann Rauch was one of the first veterinarians employed by Dr Martin to run The Glens Veterinary Hospital. At this stage Dr Martin owned and ran the Bassonia Veterinary Clinic in Glenanda which also served the Johannesburg Southern Suburbs.

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